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Best Length of Veil to “Match” My Wedding Dress

Examples of lengths of wedding veils

Lengths of Wedding Veils

Lengths of Bridal Veils

The length of your wedding veil will be determined by the length of your gown and the formality of your wedding. For example, a cathedral veil should only be worn with a cathedral length gown and only for formal weddings. At an informal wedding your veil will be shorter-if you decide to wear a veil at all. In any case, your veil should not extend past the length of your gown.

When you’re shopping for your veil, keep in mind that the longer the veil, the more weight it will be to carry. Bring your veil with you when you are having your first meeting with your hair dresser to ensure that the hairstyle you desire leaves a way to fasten the veil without falling out or pulling on your neck.

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